Who We Are

Our History & Philosophy

Life Reformation Centre is a present-day-truth Apostolic Reformation Kingdom Community that was established in 2002 under the leadership of our Senior Elder Joseph Njoroge.
From its inception, LRC has been committed to the application of the gospel of the Kingdom of God in our lives. We uphold the Lordship of Jesus Christ and operate by the principles of the word of God.  Life Reformation Centre is a member of Congress WBN, a global faith-based organization affecting human, social and national transformation throughout the earth.

Our Mission

The Core of our mission is to facilitate growth to maturity of the saints by allowing the flow of grace into their lives. Other aspects of our mission include:

  • Empowerment of believers to effectively interface with the heavenly realm in doing their ordained work of the ministry
  • Outreach through the expression of the nature of Christ in the lives of our Members
  • Building Community life and facilitating individual members to arrive to their ordained functional maturity within the Body of Christ.
  • Be authentic ambassadors of Christ in the earth.

Our Core Values

  • Personal Spirituality – The general flow of our lives does not start in the logic of the natural order but in the clear sensing of the Divine Direction from the heavens.
  • Integrity – We are demanded by the Lord to consistently uphold the set values and standards of the Kingdom of God. It is manifesting the nature and character of Christ in all circumstances of life.
  • Community and Family life – Primacy of community life that is supported by strong and stable family units.
  • Accountability – We live open and transparent lives where members are willingly submitted and accountable to one another.

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